About me

Hello. I’m Elisabeth Morice and I’m a multilingual customer service hero.

I was born in France, studied English and German at university, spent 23 years in the UK and am now back in my home country where I work remotely for small online businesses.

I bring all theses skills and my years of experience to Virtuelle Solutions.


Not surprisingly, I’m super-organised, highly efficient and a great communicator – in three languages, of course! My clients know they can rely on me to get on with the job. They trust me to provide a high level of customer service on their behalf. And they appreciate how I’m always looking to find ways to free up their time and improve their customers’ journey.

When I’m not working you’ll find me at home with my husband and two children. Maybe practising the piano (it’s a new skill I’m learning). Probably eating dark chocolate (I’m French, it’s the law!). I’m on a no-waste journey so I make my own laundry liquid and shampoo – and delicious jams from our home-grown fruit. And when I feel like some exercise a bit of Nordic walking and pilates does it for me.