Hiring a virtual assistant

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Client Testimonial

“A task which would have taken me numerous hours to understand and action took minutes”

When you are a solo entrepreneur, you end up doing everything in your business: the accounts, prospecting, client relations, stock and logistics, taxes, … (the list goes on). When you are starting up it is a necessity and you have to learn fast. However if you want to grow your business, there comes a point when you have to concentrate on what you do best, which could be creating your own products, coaching people, selling…

Why not delegate the tasks that take you hours to sort out or the ones that you can do but really bore you? Make a list of how long it takes you to do things for a week or two and patterns will emerge. This is a good starting point when speaking to a virtual assistant about what tasks you want them to take on.



My name is Elisabeth Morice and I am a virtual assistant helping entrepreneurs, consultants or young startups.
I offer administrative, business and IT support, in multiple languages.
I bring solutions to allow small businesses to grow without requiring the need of full staff hire.

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