Virtual Assistant? But you are real!

I went to my first networking event the other day. It was nerve-racking enough, being my first time, but it turned out to be a real success and the venue was packed. Anyway, I plowed on and talked to a few people, if only to ask advice on networking. You’ve got to start somewhere, right?

Then came the time when you go around the room and everyone introduces themselves and says a few words about their business. It just so happened that the lady I had been talking to up until then is also a Virtual Assistant and we both introduced ourselves as such. After the introductions, a man came up to us and said: “Virtual Assistants? But you are real!”. OK, so what is my response going to be? Unfortunately I was very nervous and anyway by the time I think of a witty repartee the moment is usually gone.

All I could think of as a response was “We are very real but our work is virtual”, not very catchy, right? OK, so I need to work on that catch phrase! 🙂

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