Virtuelle Solutions

I’m Elisabeth Morice and I provide multilingual Tech support and customer service to small online businesses. I bring my own personal blend of IT and customer support experience to keep your customers happy while you happily run your business.

Keeping your customers satisfied

You care about your customers but as a small business owner you struggle to look after them when you have so many other things to do. That’s where I come in.

As your tech expert, I help you set up super efficient systems so that you don’t waste time on time consuming tasks to run your business, leaving you free to work on that next sale or close that deal.

In addition, I offer remote multilingual customer service support to deal with pre-sales questions, billing and payment queries, returns and refunds.

Customers will always have questions and concerns. What’s included in the package? Can I pay in instalments? I can’t log in. How do I use this? With me as part of your team, I’ll handle all your customer enquiries quickly and efficiently. I free up your time and maintain your reputation as a company with exceptional customer service.

How I work 

I communicate by email

No waiting on hold. No being passed around departments. No annoying background music. Just a direct email response to your customers within 24 hours.

I’m multilingual

My customer service support comes in English, French and German. I also have access to a network of multilingual customer service providers if you need another language.

I mirror your business

I take the time to get to know you, your culture, your values and your communication style. Are you a ‘Dear customer’ or ‘Hi there’ kind of company? Do you sign off emails with ‘Sincerely yours’ or ‘hugs and kisses’? Whatever you do, I’ll be doing it too.

I look out for your customers

I continually monitor your customers’ needs so I can make recommendations to improve the service they receive.

What my clients say about me…

‘Elisabeth is a sincere, hard-working individual who works with the utmost professionalism.’
Jonathan D, chief technical officer, Tunello

‘Thank you so much, Elisabeth, for your Loom videos. It’s exactly what I needed to improve my limited knowledge of Google Drive. I am very happy to have you by my side. I would like you to show me how to create a Loom video. My coaches use it and I think it’s brilliant. I am very happy with our collaboration.’
Ingrid O., Spiritual wellbeing coach

‘Elisabeth is meticulous and you can entrust her with complete peace of mind and confidence.’
Isabelle B, consultant and trainer in multilingualism


Elisabeth est une personne en qui l’on peut avoir entièrement confiance. Elle travaille de manière méticuleuse et précise. En tant qu’assistante plurilingue à distance, travailler avec Elisabeth vous permettra de déléguer en toute tranquillité les tâches administratives que vous n’avez pas le temps de faire; vous pouvez aussi lui confier en toute tranquillité et en toute confiance les tâches commerciales qu’elle peut vous proposer en plusieurs langues, tant en France qu’à l’international.

Isabelle B, Spécialiste du plurilinguisme

Merci à Elisabeth Morice qui sait à peu près tout faire en informatique